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 Proof sound amplifacation

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PostSubject: Proof sound amplifacation   Proof sound amplifacation Icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2008 9:22 pm

Ok I have heard that there might be sound reinforcement for poof. From my recent experience at CTC, and the problems with Beast I would recommend these things.

1. Get directional mics, with the proper sensitivity.
The biggest technical problem we had with Beast is that the actors where overloading their mics, or they would feedback. To fix this I would recommend either getting the Directional E6, or the B6. The Directional E6 are great mics, they will be a little harder to place then the omni-E6, but our space isn’t favorable to omins, also make sure you get the proper sensitivity (I.E. the blue banded E6). Another option is the Countryman B6. They are good solid directional mics, that can be hidden in the costume, make sure the right sensitivity with these as well (I.E. the Red band). Note: the B6s are omnis but they will work fine as long as you dont go infront of the line between the stage and pit and you will be fine, and have the sensativity set correctly

2. Put the Wireless receivers backstage
With rental equipment, we tend to get antennas that are not in the best of shape on the mic packs. Therefore, we had a lot of signal dropping in beast, which was a major issues, and could have been easily fixed if I would put the mic rack back stage.

3. Have a knowledgeable A2, who is constantly monitoring the mics
During all the rehearsals we need a guy (the A2) sitting backstage monitoring the mics, and listening for individual mics for problems (I.E plugging headphones into each receiver and listening for problems). Then after finding a problem noting it and fixing it right away.

also as far as pacement goes countryman's website has some great guides on where to put it

These are very good things to keep in mind when dealing with wireless mics
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Proof sound amplifacation
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