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 Tech meetings and upcoming fun...

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Tech meetings and upcoming fun... Empty
PostSubject: Tech meetings and upcoming fun...   Tech meetings and upcoming fun... Icon_minitimeWed Dec 03, 2008 2:10 am

So it was suggested once again to begin regular tech meetings/work days. Friday seems to be the day of choice with Wednesday a second option. I don't have a problem with either since there is usually nothing going on in the chapel those days as far as concerts and such.

-Things that we need to plan for if (when) we meet this Friday:

1. Lighting for the Choral Christmas concert. I know we had a lot of lighting for this last year and I wouldn't expect it to change. I'll update with a more concrete program after I talk to Ms. Solberg

2. Recording for above concert. I'm playing trumpet in the concert so I'll need someone to watch ProTools and the CD recorder. I talked with Chris about it this afternoon and he is checking his schedule, but speak up if anyone wants to help.

3. Christmas Variety show. Assembly on December 16th. Titled "The Lighter Side of Christmas" I was talking with Mrs. Johnson about it today and she said the crazier we can make it the better. She even mentioned making it snow if we wanted. Can we reverse either of the shop vacs with fake snow from the catwalk??? It's pretty much open season on lighting and effects craziness. Laser, spots, VeriLites, whatever...let it rock.

So, for those who can, let's meet on Friday and plan out next Thursday for sure and start thinking of the variety show.

Post up any ideas for any of the above needs.

Mr. H
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Tech meetings and upcoming fun... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tech meetings and upcoming fun...   Tech meetings and upcoming fun... Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2008 6:56 pm

Yes, weekly meeting would be a good thing, and to get as many people going to them as possible to, it would really help keep everyone well informed on what is going on and what is coming up, Monday would truly be the ideal day, but not many people can make it then, Friday I think is best, Wednesday doesn't always work the best for me, I don't know about others.

And when is the variety show, and by any chance do we know what's in it yet? This could be a chance for us to show off what we can do.
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Tech meetings and upcoming fun...
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