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 Assembly and Chapel teams.

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Assembly and Chapel teams. Empty
PostSubject: Assembly and Chapel teams.   Assembly and Chapel teams. Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 1:19 am

It was brought up that we get "teams" together for assemblies and chapels. Now that fewer things surprise me on these days and I have a pretty good handle on most things in the chapel I should relinquish control over the booth to daily teams. I'm not sure what happened in the past, but it seems that there are 3 people needed at most for each day. Sound, Light, and media. This is where we can start getting some of you less experienced crew members in the mix of things. I'm open to suggestions as to how we should run this.

-Make teams of 3 and just cycle through?
-Assign each team a week where they take both days??

Mr. H
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Assembly and Chapel teams. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Assembly and Chapel teams.   Assembly and Chapel teams. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 12:58 am

In the past there has been 3 different ways that I know of that people were chosen for that day in the booth.

1. In Jerde's days it was kind of like a "who wants to be in the booth today?" and whoever spoke up first was in the booth, or it would just be a massive crowd of people in there, however this was before my time, and this is just running off of things that I've heard.

2. In Walker's time he started groups. The groups consisted of a PTD (Production Tech Director, basically in charge of that production), a light board op, a media op, a sound board op, and a stage. However, as I just learned, originally the positions on the crew were not set in stone, and that each time the team was on, the PTD of the team would decide who would be in what role during that assembly/chapel. Just as a quick side note: normally the team was named ofter the PTD and also the PTD was generally someone who held keys, so that there was a pair of keys on every team. Later on in Walker's time, this is what I remember, the crews were set with each person running an assigned job within the crew. It was generally run on a 4-5 crew basis, making it so that you were in the booth once about every two weeks. This system worked fairly well, however it's one major downfall was that throughout the year, you only worked with that group of people, and you didn't get much of a chance to actually run things with other people, which led us to the next grouping.

3. This method occurred after Walker left, we were not extremely happy with how the group system was working, so we thought we would change it up a little. (this all happened in the time between TDs) So we decided that we would try out a rotation system. how it worked was that there were six different roles, there was: PTD, lights, lights apprentice, sound, sound apprentice, and media. You were then put on I believe two lists, and the different assignments were rotated through, if you ended up as two roles one week, you got to choose which one you would like to do. This system kind of worked, the biggest flaw looking back on it was that there were no set teams, you didn't have other people that you could rely on knowing when you were up, you had to be completely independent at figuring out who was up when, and a lot of the time people would not show up, or not be able to make it, and really nobody really knew who to tell that they wouldn't be there, and it all just went downhill ending up with nobody that was assigned that day in the booth. The other flaw was six people in the booth, that was way too many people when you can easily run a chapel with 3-4 (depending on what was happening during chapel)

So in my opinion I think that it would be best to go back to a team system, but it would be good if we could change up the teams every few months, so that we are not constantly working with the same people, not that that's bad, but that it would be nice to be able to work with everyone, not just the 3-4 people on your crew.

Examples of old setups:

Quote :
PTD's (Thomas, Andrew, Jenna, Laurel, and Peter) will be responsible for position assignments and rotation within their teams.

If you are not able to make it when you are scheduled it is your responsibility to notify your PTD and between the two of you it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

The rotation will not necessarily go in order and we will likely change the composition of the teams every couple of months or so.

Team Thomas has this Thursday's chapel (which means they have praise band setup tomorrow (Wed) after school).

Thomas (Lighting, Audio)
Moe (Audio, Sets)
Ponder (Stage, Sets)

Andrew (Lights, Media)
Jenna (Lights, Media)
Anna (Audio, Lights)

Laurel (Lights, Stage)
Merrett (Audio, Lights)
Ponder II

Peter (Audio)
Phillip (Lights, Audio)
Slye (Video, Lights)
David 'belt out that tenor' Morgan

Quote :

Addie (Audio)
Jenna (Lighting/PTD)
Hannah (Media/PTD)
Taby (Stage/Lighting)
Recording: Chris

Moe (Audio/PTD)
Anna (Lighting)
Leland (Media)
Bill (Stage)
Recording: Merrett

Merrett (Audio/PTD)
Nathan (Lighting)
Justin (Media)
Phillip (Stage)
Recording: Addie

Chris (Audio)
Melissa (Lighting)
Slye (Media/PTD)
Sara (Stage)
Recording: Moe

Schedule for chapels and assemblies coming shortly. Keep in mind that with 4 teams you will generally work about once every other week. Audio folks will double up on recording duty for a while (until they're experts.)

The position assignments are people’s primary responsibilities on the team based on interests and strengths. Our goal is for people to become very proficient in one particular area of interest and then teach this area to others. Once everyone is really solid in their areas we can start doing some general swapping around.

Due to higher interest than available positions some folks should swap up occasionally now: Chris/Sara on Audio, Justin/Nathan on lighting and Jenna/Taby on lighting.

PTD's should see Mr. Wald (with $25 in hand) to get a key.

Assembly and Chapel teams. TechCrews17

Sorry this kinda turned into a really long post with those old samples int there.
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Assembly and Chapel teams. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Assembly and Chapel teams.   Assembly and Chapel teams. Icon_minitimeFri Dec 12, 2008 12:10 am

note, the app. system didn't work well, to many people in the booth
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Assembly and Chapel teams. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Assembly and Chapel teams.   Assembly and Chapel teams. Icon_minitimeFri Dec 12, 2008 12:59 am

Why am I never on here I am not wanted.
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Assembly and Chapel teams. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Assembly and Chapel teams.   Assembly and Chapel teams. Icon_minitime

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Assembly and Chapel teams.
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