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 We made it.....

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We made it..... Empty
PostSubject: We made it.....   We made it..... Icon_minitimeWed Dec 17, 2008 12:49 am

...this far. Smile Thanks to all of you for helping make the first half of the year a success.

-Thanks to everyone who stepped in today to help manage the craziness of the variety show today. I don't know why that stressed me out as much as it did, but it shouldn't have. The dis-organization helps add to the humor of it.

After talking to a couple people, it sounds like most folks are getting ready for the break and not wanting to hang around much. I don't blame you and there is not much going on for the rest of the week anyway. After chapel on Thursday I'll be getting ready to leave on Friday for a while and don't plan on setting foot in the school until after christmas day and possibly new years day.

Things that will need to be addressed soon after we come back:

-Student Showcase. Merrett, let us know about the scripts/tech requests you get by this friday. (hopefully)

-Madrigal Dinner. Now we can start planning this. I have some plans in the works already, so we will start to finalize after I meet with Ms. Solberg

- I'm going to try and plan out assembly/chapel groups over the break as well as meeting days.

I'll have access to email and this forum for the entire break, so if something comes up, just let me know. Otherwise...

Everyone have a great (relaxing) holiday break and I'll see you in the new year!!!

Mr. Hallermann
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We made it.....
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